"I always feel most inspired when I'm traveling & spending time in the beauty + wonder of nature."


Isabella Soung is a full time dental hygienist + quintessential busy-bee who pours her heart and soul into every endeavor. In addition to being immersed by the world’s coolest pups— Beau + Ollie, she is passionate about family, life, social conscience, fashion, food, decor and she believes wholeheartedly in cultivating beauty, embracing gratitude and encouraging diversity. Isabella’s personal style is clean + timeless and her eye for design and decor is enviable. Her collections feature select pieces that are made with loving hands, by creative souls following their heart's calling. Soung Inspired is more than just a business name but a brand that reflects Isabella’s personal taste and values in a way that is truly reflective and unique to her. She dreams of waking up in the deepest parts of the world to meet extroadinary artisans who can someday help create her own collection of handmade goods. More than anything— it fills her heart to be able to merge her passions into this venture she calls, Soung Inspired.